Now here is a good question: Is it possible to learn a language as complex and obscure as Japanese quickly? Let's examine some of the ways in which people learn a language and endeavor to find an answer to this question.

They say that it takes 2200 hours before you can reach minimal proficiency in Japanese. This is the level at which you are deemed to have sufficient ability in the language to be able to communicate with a native speaker but not necessarily at their level of fluency and authenticity.

The best way to learn a new tongue is of course to immerse yourself in it and there is no better way of doing that than living in Japan where Japanese is spoken. In this way you will need a few months to rack up your 2200 hours and achieve that sought after ability. You will also learn far more about their culture and pronunciation than you would employing any other method.

You could invest in some Japanese classes at your local adult education centre: this would have the advantage of a trained professional who would be on hand to answer any questions that you will inevitably have and to clear up any areas of confusion. You may also walk away with a qualification which would be something to show any new employers. This tends to be a more accepted method than any other form of self teaching, as it can be testified.

A very cost effective method could be one of the many self teach Japanese courses that are available in any comprehensive book retailer. These allow you to look over areas again and to progress at your own pace. This is very important and can be a great thing for those who may lack the confidence to have a stab at it in a class full of other people. There is, however, nothing better for you than to have a go, whatever the consequence as you will be corrected if you make a mistake. You are going to have to speak in front of at least one other person if you are to become fluent anyway.

I bet that even as you are reading this, something in your room or house will have some Japanese written on it. This is likely to be any gadget or electrical equipment in your house and you will find an English translation in the same place. This may seem a silly way of learning a language but the little and often approach is a great way to learn a language and to immerse yourself on a more regular basis.

So the answer is yes: it is very possible to pick up Japanese very quickly providing you stick to it and stick to the little and often rule. In this way you will never get bored of the experience and you will have a greater chance of success. There is, of course, no worthy substitute for passion and genuine interest so make sure you get motivated before attempting to learn a new language.

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Hi. I've tried different ways to study. But I have not much time. So my last try was when I've learned japanese online with native speakers using skype. To be honest my speaking japanese is now much more better. Now I'm looking for more opportunities to imrove my language speaking skills.
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